Day 1

Today at my site we worked on a roof. It was me (Grace), Nicole, Jolie, Dale, and Mel. I’m very scared of heights so climbing up a tall ladder was terrifying. I decided to face my fear and go up on the roof. When I did I looked down and started to panic. I was so high up! I tried to participate on the roof but I was too scared and went back down. I then became the ladder buddy. I held the ladder whenever someone went up or down the ladder. It was super hot out and we had no shade on the roof. But everyone still stayed up there and kept working. Finally taking a shower after sweating was a god send. -Grace

I went into today a little scared because I was separated from my friend.  Today was honestly way better than I even expected.  I worked with Calle, Janae, and Kristina.  There were too many people at the site and not many things to do. I sat around a lot because everyone took up the opportunity to do something. It was really hot but I still had a lot of fun singing to all the throwback songs and being able to eat food and have air conditioning during lunch.  I really hope tomorrow is going to have more things to do so I can get physical and not feel useless. I’m glad that I have the group I have and am able to do this work this week. -Madi

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