We made it to West Virginia!

After two long days of driving (15 hours which felt like 20), we made it to West Virginia ready to serve and eager to see God’s work working within us and the community of Clendenin.

Yesterday brought us through Chicago for some deep dish pizza and to explore the city (which did not happen… yet). Well, the deep dish took a little longer than anticipated so we decided to do some team building at an escape room and are saving the city for the journey back. WE ALMOST ESCAPED (only 25% escape the room we were in), but to be fair we had the hardest room and none of us had EVER done an escape room. Then we continued on to Indianapolis for a good nights rest. Which was much needed after a long days drive.

Onto Sunday, we joined the great people at Ressurection Lutheran church in Indianapolis for worship – Beautiful church, if you ever go through and get a chance, stop – they were a great host church! Our journey then took us to West Virgina, with a few stops for food and gas but we made it and are tired but excited! Thank you, everyone, who has been praying for us and those who donated. Follow the journey through this blog each day!

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